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Viewing RPG Scenario: Dark Times
Scenario Created by: choki
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: The year 1998 was forever remembered in the 'History of Magic' for the fall of the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort but it came with a terrible price. Many innocent lives and blood were lost, be it the wizarding community or muggles alike. It was recorded as one of the darkest period in the wizarding world, as well as, having the lowest attendance rate in Hogwarts academic year in the centuries. Set in the early days of 1997, whereby the Dark Lord had finally took his action. In a bustling town in the heart of London, there lived a few wizarding families whose lives were about to change when the town was targetted by the Death Eaters. P.S. This story is set outside of Hogwarts but even so, the characters can be students from Hogwarts but due to events, they were unable to return to Hogwarts this year. I hope this scenario will bring us a new view of the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts.
This Scenario is set in: March 1997

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