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Viewing RPG Scenario: Law of the Serpent
Scenario Created by: Phoenix in the Ashes
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: Over seven years have passed since the events of Hogwarts '06/7. Terrin Dinas, a mysterious former Quidditch star and Hogwarts professor, has risen to fame and public notoriety as a man of the people, and a defender of the helpless. Using this reputation, Dinas has won unprecedented support from almost every corner of the British wizarding community. It came as no surprise when he announced himself as a candidate for the vacated post of Minister for Magic, and even less of a surprise when he won the election uncontested. Everyone expected that many years of prosperity and goodwill would follow his appointment. Looking back, nobody could have imagined the severity of the prejudices that he was about to exploit. Not even Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was free from his influence, as he sought to reshape the ideals of the nation. Indeed, Hogwarts was where it all started. Over a thousand years ago, one of the four founders of the school, Salazar Slytherin, wrote his famed journal that recorded the story of his life, his teachings, and a set of rules that he believed would guide wizards to greatness. The 'Book of the Serpent' was lost shortly after Slytherin's exit from Hogwarts, and it became one of the most sought-after and mysterious relics from medieval times. As the Head of Slytherin House, Terrin Dinas spent many evenings strolling around the Chamber of Secrets, as a way to relax. It took a surprisingly short time for him to wander across the ancient hiding place of the Book; the Chamber itself had been hidden for centuries, and Salazar had never anticipated it being found by anyone other than his heirs. Over many years, Dinas read and studied the knowledge of the greatest of the founders. When he was ready, he began meticulously planning. A day would come when the Law of the Serpent would reach across all lands. As Minister for Magic, Terrin Dinas was now very close to achieving his goal. But just as it did for Slytherin, Hogwarts would continue to defy him until its last dying breath. He was willing to let it come to that. The Hogwarts staff were not.
This Scenario is set in: September 2014

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