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Viewing RPG Scenario: Marcellus
Scenario Created by: FawkesthePhoenix
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: It's a few years beforeVoldemort's downfall. Valencia Marcellus is visting her grandparents when she finds a mysterious black book with silver snake clasps. Inside is the knowledge any sane man would kill to get his hands on. This is a prequel to The Next Generation. Please do not become a character someone already plays in The Next Generation. Though this scenario has some plot already, please don't hesitate to lead your character into the thick of things. Valencia can't be the only main character!
This Scenario is set in: March 1995

Character Name Character Created by Date last active on the Forum
Aldor Caspian *Riley* Sat 13 Mar 2010
Rachel "Ray" Rifford choki Tue 10 Aug 2010
Valencia Saran Marcellus FawkesthePhoenix Fri 30 Oct 2020
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