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Viewing RPG Scenario: Founding Fathers
Scenario Created by: salemboy
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: Set in the time of the founders, it is about Slytherin leaving the school. Now, in the books, it gives a brief summary about how Slytherin got ticked, and left. In this, we'd like to expand this to where he got ticked, had a war, lost, and then more like fled. This scenario takes place from the beginning of the war until it is deemed ended. This scenario is about the wizards in the war, and the founders. Also, The Statute of Secrecy wasn't made until the 20th century, so muggles will play a role. Also, since it was during the Medieval time period, we must remember how Feudalism works. Also, *Riley* helped in the conceiving of this scenario, and, if this scenario is accepted, deserves half of the credit.
This Scenario is set in: September 1336

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Helga Hufflepuff Ms. Elsewhere Sun 27 Nov 2011
Marpessa Chant FawkesthePhoenix Fri 30 Oct 2020
Salazar Slytherin *Riley* Sat 13 Mar 2010
Searpente Slytherin salemboy Fri 4 Sep 2015
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