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Viewing RPG Scenario: Dueling Tournament(s)
Scenario Created by: salemboy
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: This RPG is a bit of a turn from the traditional RPG. There isn't any dark wizard who we have to defeat, it's just like the title says, it's an RPG about dueling tournaments. Also, it's not just we sign up for a duel and only write during a duel. This RPG also includes the lives of the wizards who take part. So it can include rivalries and all that stuff. The Unforgivable Curses are as illegal now as they were in the HP series. How a duel would decide a winner, I'm not quite sure. But we can figure it out as time goes on.
This Scenario is set in: January 2008

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Blaze Cruz magicboy Sat 13 Feb 2010
Lineave Marina FawkesthePhoenix Fri 30 Oct 2020
Mark Searge salemboy Fri 4 Sep 2015
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