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Scenario Created by: TDM
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: During a Halloween party at Hogwarts, mysterious things being to happen there, such as the enchanted ceiling becoming normal, teachers, students, and staff, all disappearing, one by one. What can be underway here? Who is doing this? And what will happen if even the strongest of all wizards, Dumbledore, disappears?
This Scenario is set in: October 2003

Character Name Character Created by Date last active on the Forum
Deedra Malfoy Deedra Malfoy Wed 21 Sep 2005
Ezequiel Clawton Ferrus Sun 19 Dec 2004
Hannah Cape Female_alien Sat 14 May 2005
James Gothillf Marcus Baker Private
Jeremiah Dawlish Phoenix in the Ashes Thu 18 Jul 2013
Karen Moss tiggirl Mon 23 Oct 2006
Kitty Hunter. Moonstone Wed 2 Feb 2005
Marak Alexander Malfoy The_Shadows_Within Thu 6 Jan 2005
William Cole Won Wheezy Private
Xavier Ruby TDM Sat 6 Oct 2007
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