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Viewing RPG Scenario: The Six Wizards
Scenario Created by: salemboy
Scenario Universe: Harry Potter
Scenario Description: Dark times have been set over Japan. While Europe deals with the problems of Voldemort, Japan has had its own problems, with the sprouting up of Dark Wizard Gangs. Over a hundred exist, each terrorizing Japan, claiming their own territories, and often having Turf wars. A new gang has been sprouted, the Sadistic Six, and they are ready for blood.
This Scenario is set in: January 1992

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Chi Inu Ms. Elsewhere Sun 27 Nov 2011
Damien Nomare salemboy Fri 4 Sep 2015
Nagai Neko Q.Araignee Sat 13 Aug 2011
Ushioni Buta choki Tue 10 Aug 2010
Yuta Tanuki FawkesthePhoenix Fri 30 Oct 2020
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