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Viewing RPG Scenario: Parst City Super Hero Role Playing Game
Scenario Created by: salemboy
Scenario Universe: Other
Scenario Description: It has been a decade since the Great Earthquake of Parst. Rocking the the Richter scale, the quake exploded through the city, causing massive oil fires and for entire towers to fall, crushing the citizens below. Crime rates and poverty rates skyrocketed, the streets being filled with the sound of gunfire, while innocent citizens tried to hide themselves in the wreckage of the buildings. Without any form of communication, it was nigh impossible to make contact with the outside world. Sometime during the chaos, though, strange events began to occur. People began to witness people with amazing abilities help around the city. Whether it be with stopping a crime, or rebuilding a tower, these people assisted with stabilizing Parst city. These people got their origins during the Earthquake, when a great amount of an unknown gas was released from the crust. This gas affected people who were exposed to great amounts of it. Their powers varied from one person to the next, no person's power being the same. After several years, with the help of these heroes, Parst city began to return to normal. The entire city was rebuilt, and the citizens began to return to their everyday lives, the heroes taking their places, assisting wherever they were needed. Now, a decade later, Parst City is a thriving metropolis, the only sign of the earthquake being the giant fissure going down the center. People no longer fear being robbed, mugged, or murdered, and Superheroes are respected and loved. Little do they know, a power worse they have ever imagined is on its way.
This Scenario is set in: August 2014

Character Name Character Created by Date last active on the Forum
Raijin salemboy Fri 4 Sep 2015
Shihai Ms. Elsewhere Sun 27 Nov 2011
William livingston FortisUmbra Mon 22 Nov 2010
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