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Viewing RPG Scenario: The Shadow
Scenario Created by: FortisUmbra
Scenario Universe: Other
Scenario Description: Many years ago people started to evolve into super humans. They developed powers great and terrible. Many of these evolved people were using their powers to do evil things. People became scared and called on the governments of the world to do something. The leaders of the world had a group formed called the light. Named for the face that they were to purify the human race of the evil things the light began to kill the evolved humans. Many of the wiser super humans were pleading with the world saying that they should not all be killed but no one listened. Finally the super humans made one last effort to save themselves and left the earth. The light killed all the ones that would not leave and the world was a peace again. Now the problem arises that the new generations where evolving and many where being killed by the light when their powers became known. In order to protect the future of their race the evolved humans who had left the world sent a select few back in order to create a secret organization to protect themselves from the light. They call themselves the shadow because they work in secret and counter the light. It is a very difficult job but the future of the super human race depends on the shadow's success. Now another problem arises. A new group has formed. Now a group of super humans who wish not to protect the other super humans but to recruit them. This new group, called Ursa Major, wish to eradicate the normal humans. The light has been using this new group as justification for there genocide of the evolved humans. The shadow does not like the goals of Ursa Major and wish to stop them just as much as they wish to stop the light.
This Scenario is set in: May 2012

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Hakan Grosber salemboy Fri 4 Sep 2015
Jonathan Deis Ms. Elsewhere Sun 27 Nov 2011
Mathew Smith FortisUmbra Mon 22 Nov 2010
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