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Viewing RPG Scenario: The Guilds of Magic
Scenario Created by: FortisUmbra
Scenario Universe: Other
Scenario Description: (This RPG does NOT follow the laws of magic in Harry Potter) During the time before wizards magic ran wild in the world. It was uncontrolled and dangerous. Magical creatures ran wild destroying cities and killing many. Then a group of beings joined forces in order to tame the wild magic and the creatures that caused so much damage. Things where fine for many years until the wizards separated into many guilds in order to keep their magic from each other. (Examples of guilds include fire guild, transfiguration guild, alchemy guild...) these guilds each specialized in different kinds of magic and only very special people were chosen to be trained by any given guild. The rulers of the time recognized the value in the guilds and those they trained. Eventually the rulers would buy wizards from the guilds. Never enough for an army (because it was far too expensive and there weren’t enough wizards to make an army in the first place) but to be used as guards or advisers. The use of wizards by the rulers causes war fare and diplomacy to change forever. For many years the guilds had a hand in the events of the world until technology began to evolve. This new knowledge and new technology caused the need for use of the guilds to diminish. The guilds themselves, not having as great of an income, began to shrink and several completely vanished, their magical knowledge lost forever. There are a few rulers who still see the value in the guilds but each generation the number of them shrink until the guilds outnumber the buyers. The guilds have all put there differences aside and in order to save themselves move to a small island and form their own country. The guilds all exist together on this island but the wizards still learn only from one guild each. It has now come to a time that they guilds are desperate. If something is not done soon then all the guilds will soon vanish and magic will be lost forever. It is at this time that a strange man has come forth he have accomplished very little but is calling for reform. He claims that the guilds should invade and destroy the normal humans and demand that they take notice of the guilds. He claims that in taking land and waging war they can prove that they are still valuable. This movement started with very little but is slowly growing and some fear that war is not far away.
This Scenario is set in: January 2010

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Luke Mason FortisUmbra Mon 22 Nov 2010
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