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PostPosted: Saturday 18 December 2010 1:15:25am 
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No, they're not making such movie but for some years I've been thinking it might be cool if they did. But then again, someone's made a good point that at least Hollywood probably wouldn't make a movie that would do justice to the darkness of the era because HP movies are forced into PG/PG-13 ratings so that kids could watch it too. But I dream anyway. Pretending it could be possible to make a descent movie about it.

That someone would pick every single little detail from the books, regarding that year and the years before it. More Voldemort, more Death Eaters, more Marauders, more Lily and James and more of my all time favourite character, Barty Crouch Jr. and for the love of Rowling they should stay loyal to the book version of him and not turn him into an evil psycho at that point of his life.
So, of course I'd want a movie only if the film makers actually respected the events and characters in the books and made the film as extremely book-loyal as possible with only the most necessary changes made in order to make it work as a film. To make it pretty much the opposite of what the current HP movies are (apart from DH Part 1 which quality was a pleasent surprise.)

If they made such soon, I'd wish Ralph Fiennes would play Voldemort again. And Helena Bonham Carter as Bella. I'd like to see the actors chosen for the Marauders because OotP film didn't bother to give them but some five seconds of screen time. They might as well have not been there at all. Tennant would be too old to play an 18 to 19 years old, plus I'm not too sure he could pull of the Barty Jr. from the novel. I'd like to see the British actor Jamie Bell in the role - not only because he's one of my favourite actors and I chose him for my vision of the character years ago but I truly think he could pull it off, judging by his role portrayals in his movies 'Undertow' and 'Jumper', in example.)

I think such movie would be a great hook for those not yet into the fandom. And at least for me it would be tons of entertainment if done well. In the first movie, we got to see so little about the night Potters died. And if they're gonna ditch it from DH Part 2, I'm gonna scream. Though, if they do, it would lessen the impressivness of the scene in a movie about the year but so what. The year has so much more impressive in it than just that...

What do you think, would a movie about that year be nice? What cast would you prefer for it?

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