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PostPosted: Monday 27 December 2004 5:27:28pm 
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In Netherland I already have six chapters, but I think it's a challenge to translate it in English, so here's te beginning...

~Chapter One~*~Shadows~

After a long day it finally has gotten dark. The moon was shining weak and the stars were dancing near him. The night had come. The Creatures in the little world sat cosy with each other. Meerman swam before they went to sleep and the few people in the area stared to the air or talked about their problems. But one of the people was still outside. It was a girl who just turned 16. You could see her blonde, long hair came under her dark green cap, which she had drawn over her head. A mantel of the same colour swept lightly over the ground. Maya, that was the name of the girl. Her blue eyes sparkled nervously. Maya stood on the edge of an fairy-like, very old forest. The shadows of the trees were dark, but the leafs were red and yellow. Maya said nothing en dragged the cap a little further on her head. She knew why she was here, but she didn't know why she hesitated to get in the forest, although she went there every night. It was cold and the ground was squelchy. Probably it had rained for a while, although Maya did not see it. Maya thought all the way that someone was walking behind her, according to the footsteps she could here. If she was really silence she could here leafs rustle and a subdued noice of breathing, like someone stood there. Someone who didn't have a good condition.
The people in the village Marilyna often asked why Maya always went to the forest. If she answered, it was always with a lot of love in her voice. Her buddy Númlin lived there, the love of here live. Númlin was a purple, woolly creachure. It was a mixture of a tiny sort of Dragon and a died out race: Mûma. Maya had found him when she ones was lost in the forest, though you better can say he found her.


Wow, this is really hard! I think halve of this is wrong, but I really don't know! Lol :lol: I must eat now, but I will continue... if I can :P.

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