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PostPosted: Friday 25 July 2008 10:08:55pm 
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Full Title: Trying to stop Tom Riddle!

Summary: Bethany is trying to balance school, dating Fred and trying to stop the heir of Slytherin before it is too late and Harry has to go down into the secret camber and face the heir of Slytherin himself.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter os any of the characters from the Harry Potter book and movie, but I have made Bethany and her mom and dad.

Chapter one: Vacation at the Weasley
Bethany has just come in from a long night of slaying vampires, kelpie (a British and Irish water demon), Red cap and a troll. When she walks through the front door which leading into the kitchen she looks up at the Weasley family clock and she notices that Ron, Fred and George have not get back from picking up Harry in Mr. Weasley flying car. She set down on the back of one of kitchen table chairs and keeps an eye on the window waiting from her boyfriend Fred, George, Ron and Harry to get there and is hoping that Mrs. Weasley is still asleep, but just then Mrs. Wesley walks into the kitchen and over to her.
Mrs. Weasley: I see you made it home from slaying un-injury, go upstairs and get clean up then you can help me start breakfast.
Bethany: Ok
Bethany hops off of the chair and runs upstairs to Ginny’s bedroom, which she is the room she is sleep in why she staying there. She opens up the door quietly, so not to wake Ginny up. She then change into a pair of old jeans, white t-shirts and a blazer with 3/4 sleeve. She set down on her bed and puts on a pair of white shocks with red rose on them and at the sometime wish that for once that just because she was a slayer she could at last show some bruise from all the fighting she does every night, but her slayer powers give her fast healing power and super strong strength. She stands up and walks out of Ginny’s bedroom and heads back downstairs and into the kitchen to help Mrs. Weasley. Bethany sees that Mrs. Weasley is busy making fresh bread when she walks into the room, so she starts making the eggs and bacon for everyone breakfast.
Mrs. Weasley: Beth (Nickname short for Bethany) Do you know where Ron, Fred and George are with my husband flying car?
Bethany: No, You are planing on going to Diagon Alley today right?
Mrs. Weasley: Yeah everyone is going to get they school supplies seeing that the list will become this morning.
Bethany: Can you pick up my supplies up so I can go and get so sleep after breakfast?
Mrs. Weasley: Sure that is fine Beth.
Bethany: Thanks
Mrs. Weasley: I need to go start the laundry.
Bethany: Ok, I can finish making the breakfast.
Mrs. Weasley walks out of the kitchen and to the laundry room. Just then Fred, George, Ron and Harry come through the door. All four boys grab a roll off the dish they are set on, which is set in the center of the kitchen table. Fred then runs over and gives Bethany a big bear hug then he then kisses her on the lips and she kisses him back. Just then Mrs. Weasley walks into the kitchen and hugs Harry and then push him towards the table. She then starts yelling at her sons for what they have done. Harry’s takes a set at the kitchen table and Bethany hands him a plate with bacon and eggs. Bethany set down across from Harry and one set over from him. Harry looks up at Bethany, while eating a piece of bacon.
Bethany: So are you glad to be free from the Dursleys?
Harry: Yeah is everything ok, Beth you look tired?
Bethany: Yeah I just have not been sleep good is all.
Just then Fred takes a set next to Bethany and George sets down next to him and then Percy sets down next to him. Ron walks over and set down next to his best friend Harry. Mrs. Weasley goes and dishes out plate of breakfast for the boy and Ginny who just set down at the far end of the table from Harry and she is staring out the window smiles.
George: Ginny’s your face is turn red do you have a crush on Harry?
Ginny: Be quite George’s, I just can’t believe that Harry setting at the same table as I am.
Ron: Look dad home
Just then Mr. Weasley walks through the front door and into the kitchen. He stop dead in his tracks when he see Harry setting at the table and the sometime Bethany stands up and walks her half eating plate of food over to the trash can, she throws the left over food into the trash can. She then puts her dirty plate into the kitchen sink, then start to walk towards the staircase when Mr. Wesley stops her.
Mr. Weasley: Are you feeling already Beth?
Bethany: Yeah, Just tired is all.
Mr. Weasley: I beat you are, I heard walking out of the Ministry of magic that you had a busy night slaying kelpie (a British and Irish water demon), Red cap and even a troll that was about to kill a group of muggle that were camping.
Harry: She is the vampire slayer?
Bethany: Yeah Harry, but you can’t tell anyone at school included Hermione.
Ginny: We only know that she the slayer because she is dating Fred and is staying at our house for the summer break.
Harry: I won’t tell anyone.
Mr. Weasley: Are all of the muggle all right?
Bethany: Yeah, scary is all, I am going to go to bed now.
With that Bethany walks out of the kitchen and upstairs to Ginny’s bedroom. She opens the bedroom door and walk into the room. Bethany then walks over to the dress that she keeps her clothing in and takes out her blue pj bottoms and a long sleeve night shirt. She changes really fast and then lays down in her bed. She just lay down when she hears Errol come flying in through the window downstairs and crushing onto the kitchen table. Bethany has just started to fall asleep when Ginny comes run into the bedroom and slams the door shut behind her.
Ginny: Bethany, I am so excite that I get to go and buy my school supplies for my first year at Hogwart today and mom is even going to let me help her pick up your school supplies. She wants me to ask you beside the new textbooks you need which is the standard book of spell grade 2 by Miranda Gosh. Break with a banshee, gadding with ghouls, holidays with hags, travels with trolls, voyage with a vampire, wandering with a werewolves and year with the yeti by Gilderoy Lockheart what other supplies do you need?
Bethany sets up in her bed and looks at Ginny for a minute before speaking and at the sometime Ginny starts to changes into her jumper.
Bethany: Potion ingredients, quills, ink, Parchment and I also need your mom to pick up some owl treats for White Rose.
Ginny: Ok, I will let my mom know and you need to gives as you money for school supplies.
Bethany: Ok
Bethany reaches onto the floor and grabs her black book bag and unzips the front pocket. She takes out her purple change purse and she tosses the change’s purse to Ginny who catches it and then heads out of the bedroom closes the door behind her. Once Bethany has heard all seven Weasley’s and Harry leave for Diagon Alley using floo powder, she lays her head back against her pillow and slowly drifts off to sleep and into one of her prophetic dreams. Bethany finds her shelf face to face with the centaur Firenze as he walks up to her in the Forbidden Forest on night fall of her first night back at Hogwart. Firenze is looking into her eyes and they both have a look on their face that says they mean business.
Bethany: Hi Firenze, what do you need for me, you can does not normal talk to humans?
Firenze: I have to warning you that the Heir of Salazar Slytherin is going to open the chamber of secrets and you have to protect the muggle born and half-blood witches and wizards at Hogwart. You also need to make sure Harry and Hermione stays safe and keep a watchful eye on Ginny Weasley, because I feel she in gave dangers doing her first year at Hogwart.
Bethany wakes up screaming and jumps out of bed to find she is in Ginny’s bedroom at the burrow. She set down on her bed and runs her hands through her hair. After a few minutes she lays back down only to drift off into another dream, but this is not a prophetic dream. She see her a Fred set on the lay outside in they yard and he is kiss her on the lips. Meanwhile the boys and Gunny are playing a four-person game of Quidditch in the field nears to her and Fred. The teams are Ron and George vs. Harry and Ginny. Both Fred and her are not playing attention to the quidditch game, which they know that the boy and Ginny wants them to join in on, so George and Ginny hits a bludgers at Bethany and Fred. George bludger hits Fred in the back of the head and Ginny’s bludger hit’s Bethany in the right side of her head.
Bethany: What did you do that for?
George: So that the two of you would stop kiss eachother and join in the game!
Fred: So you hit bludgers at us, the two of you could of hurt us!
Ginny: Yeah right like a bludger could hurt Bethany, her slayer power make her super powerful and super heal power!
Fred: That not the point and I could still have been hurt!
George: Not like it the first time you been hit with a bludger.
Bethany: It no big deal we both fine anywise lets join the game Fred.
Fred: All right.
Fred and Bethany run into the broom shack, Fred grabs his cleansweep five and Bethany grabs her Nimbus 2000. Then the two of them run back outside and join Ron, George, Ginny and Harry, we end the game they are playing and form new teams. The teams are now Fred, Bethany and Ginny vs. Ron, Harry and George. Which means that since Harry and Bethany both had Nimbus each team had one player flying a Nimbus 2000, Ron and Ginny are both playing with shooting stars brooms and Fred and George are playing with Cleansweeps Five. The dream ends with them all flying through the air with Fred and George flying after bludgers. Ginny and Ron being the keepers, along with Harry and Bethany as their team seekers. Bethany gets waken up two and half hours later when Ginny follower by Mrs. Weasley comes run into the bedroom. Ginny is carry ten bags and Mrs. Weasley is carrying five bags, which she set at the end of Bethany bed. Ginny sets her bags on her bed then starts going through them.
Mrs. Weasley: I am going downstairs to start dinner, I let Ginny fill you in on everything that happen in Diagon Alley.
Bethany: Ok

Mrs. Weasley walks out of her daughters’ bedroom and head downstairs, When Ginny hears that her mom has reaches the second floor landing she grabs a tan lang length Ollivander box out of the bag and runs over to Bethany and then starts jumping up and down. She lifts the box lid of and pulls out her new wand.

Bethany: So did you did get a bread new wand to start school with?
Ginny: Yeah and I am so excited about the fact it the one of the two new things I get.
Bethany: So what wood made from and the length. Also what core does your wand have?
Ginny: It is made from Holly and is eight and half inches long and my wand core is Unicorn tail.
Bethany: Cool

Just then Fred comes into Ginny’s bedroom carrying his, Bethany and Ginny broom and all three of them head outside to join Ron, George, Harry to play a game of Quidditch.

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I am not writing these story anymore, I just lest drive to write them and I do not have the time too either.

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