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 Post subject: RPG: The Isle
PostPosted: Sunday 21 November 2010 10:33:20pm 
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The isle

Many generations ago a plane crashed on an island that was uninhabited by man. The island was covered in the ancient remnants of long lost city. The survivors of the crash did what they could to survive and built a signal fire in an effort to get rescued. The survivors lived on a beach and into the forest where they built small buildings in order to live away from the elements. They had good food and nice shelter. All was well, but all good things must come to an end. An argument began between those who hunted for food and those who built the buildings. They fought not with fists but with words. The fighting became so terrible that eventually a Dr. Mortimer took several people and moved away from the “Beach dwellers” as those who lived by the beach came to be known. The group Dr. Mortimer had formed moved to the mountain dominating the middle of the island, and here Dr. Mortimer taught his fellows all he know of medicine. The Beach dwellers continued to fight until one day the hunters decided to leave. They moved to the other side of the island to a large and dangerous swamp at the base of the mountain. They soon came to be known as swamp dwellers and they lived off the wild boar and frogs that lived throughout the swamp. The beach dwellers built small canoes and farms in which they grew food. There buildings became nicer and more intricate. The mountain dwellers kept the rescue fire going and retained the knowledge of the late Dr. Mortimer and would treat and ill on the island. The Swamp dwellers stayed to themselves living in stone huts and eating very well. All of the people lived at peace for a while. Several generations past and not much happened until people noticed that they all were changing ever so slightly. The beach dwellers became more agile. They could run quickly clime with ease and jump much higher than normal. The swamp dwellers began to have great strength much greater than anyone else. The mountain dwellers began to have visions of the past present and the feature. These new found abilities made some unrest on the island but mostly things were fine until they day of the great storm. It was a powerful and frightening storm. The wind blew and the rain fell. Many of the animals hunted by the swamp dwellers were killed and most of the plants grown by the beach dwellers were blown away. Great disease stared and the mountain dwellers were spread thin but unable to help everyone. These stresses caused the people of the island to fight again and to steel rescores from each other. Until one day the swamp dwellers invaded and killed the mountain dwellers. Now that the mountain dwellers are not around disease is spreading like wild fire. The people of the island are fighting and steeling and the fire has gone out for the first time since people arrived on the island.

The start of this RPG is set in February 2004

Many thanks to FortisUmbra for creating this RPG scenario.

If you would like to join this RPG, please create a character through this link.

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