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The Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone DVD and video are now available for you to enjoy in your own home.  At 152 minutes running time, the DVD and video contains previously unseen footage which was not shown in the version shown on the movie screens, so is effectively a director's cut.  Whether you live in the USA, UK, Canada or most other countries, you can now be one of the first to buy your very own copy by placing your order at a special low price through one of the links below.
Harry Potter and The Sorcerors Stone DVD or Video Harry Potter DVD or Video for the USA and Canada

Get your very own copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone video or DVD.  As well as including extra footage never seen in the movie-theatre version, the DVD features a large number of additional features and games.  You can go on a 360 degree self guided tour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, plus learn how to play the game of Quidditch.  Catch a golden snitch in Quidditch, or try your hand at mixing potions and performing transfigurations.  You can even explore Diagon Alley and have a wand choose you, or sneak past Fluffy the three headed dog.  You'll be able to cast a spell over a scene and even meet the ghosts of Hogwarts Castle.  The Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone DVD also has new interviews with movie director, Chris Columbus and producer David Heyman.

Using the DVD ROM with your PC you can download a Harry Potter screensaver and remembrall, get sorted by the Sorting Hat or collect Wizard trading cards.  In addition you can receive owl emails, like Harry receives mail delivered by Hedwig, and link to the web.  Simply click on the links below if you are in the USA or Canada to order your copy.

Please choose from Widescreen DVD or VHS video or Full Frame edition DVD or Spanish subtitled DVD.

Widescreen DVD VHS video Full frame DVD Spanish subtitled DVD

Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone DVD or Video Harry Potter DVD or Video for the UK and other PAL Television Areas

The Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Srone DVD and video are now available to buy in the UK in the standard PAL system used for UK videos, televisions and DVD players.  The PAL system is also used in most of Europe as well as in Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. 

Worldwide deivery is available at surprisingly low rates, so you now can bring the excitement of this outstanding movie to your own home.  If you are unsure whether the video or DVD are compatible with the standard equipment used in your country, simply follow the links below and check out the details under the title "Format Information" on the left hand side of the page you arrive on.

To enjoy this fabulous movie in your home, choose from Harry Potter DVD UK or Harry Potter Video UK

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