Harry Potter Athletic Shoes

Combine comfort, style and fashion with Harry Potter Athletic Shoes.  These running shoes are available in medium width from small size 11 to standard size 3.  Harry Potter characters names and indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros.

Quidditch athletic shoes Little Kids' Harry Potter Quidditch Athletic Shoes

Quidditch is the national sport of the magical world.  These athletic shoes won't help you with a Chaser move, seeing as quidditch is played on broomsticks whilst flying around the sky, but the high traction outsoles will guard against slips and spills. A well-padded tongue and insole provide added all day comfort.  These fashionable shoes come in white with navy leather as depicted in the picture, or alternatively with a black leather flash.

Harry Potter athletic shoes Harry Potter H With Stripes

Much prettier than a Horklump the Little Kids' H lace-up athletic shoes offer flat easy-tie laces with lavender stripes and sparkling stars.  A padded tongue and insole add extra comfort throughout the day.

By the way, if your're wondering what a Horklump is, it's a strange Scandinvian creature which looks like a pink mushroom covered in black bristles.  It can spread and cover your garden in just a few days.  Gnomes love Horklumps though - they're the favorite food in the Gnome world!

Harry Potter - Little Kids' Gryffindor Harry Potter Gryffindor Running Shoes

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is divided into houses.  Gryffindor is the house where Harry Potter is placed, and which is known for its brave students. The rubber slip resistant outsole flat easy-to-tie laces and leather upper help to make a fun and very comfortable running shoe.  These shoes are available in white with black leather as shown in the photo, or with a blue leather flash

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