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PostPosted: Tuesday 1 July 2008 10:12:58pm 
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This RPG is a bit of a turn from the traditional RPG. There aren't any dark wizards who we have to defeat, it's just like the title says, it's an RPG about dueling tournaments. But it's not just we sign up for a duel and only write about it, this RPG also includes the lives of the wizards who take part. So it can include rivalries, love, family matters, and such. The Unforgivable Curses are as illegal now as they were in the HP series. How a duel would decide a winner, I'm not quite sure. But we can figure that out in the discussion thread so we get the opinions of everyone who is participating. This scenario was placed in the Post-Deathly Hallows section in case there are any mentions of the final battle.

The start of this RPG is set in January 2008

Many thanks to [b]salemboy[/b] for creating this RPG scenario.

[url=]If you would like to join this RPG, please create a character through this link[/url].

PostPosted: Monday 19 January 2009 8:30:32pm 
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Lineave regarded her own face in the mirror cooly. The Dueling Tournament, it was today. And with any luck, she'd at least make it through the first fight. Lineave had studied, she'd practiced, she was fairly confident... But what if she lost? What if she made a fool of herself? Then my life is officially over, she decided. Lineave began to get ready.

PostPosted: Friday 8 May 2009 1:03:49am 
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Mark took a deep breathe of fresh air as he opened his eyes. The sun was out. Curse that sun, but he knew how to avoid it. His father had made him a potion, a special potion that got rid of sunlight's effect on him for several hours. He could go outside then. He took another deep breath. He could smell the blood of all the people around him, watching him, seeing what he would do.

Mark Searge licked his lips, knowing to restrain himself. He had won this tournament twice before, let's not blow it this time forever. Mark stroked his wand, feeling the aura about it take life out of the air around it. It was beautiful, just beautiful. The dark, evil, dreariness that the wand induced. Mark hoped that he would one day be able to induce that feeling upon his victims, but his Grandfather was the only one in the family who could do so.

So, he walked through the crowd, his mere presence pushing the other foolish contestants out of the way. He wanted to get to the dueling stadium, where the real fun would be. As he walked through the massive room, he went to a sign-up sheet in the center, and wrote his name down. Then he walked over to a set of stairs many people were using, and began ascending them. He went up several flights of stairs until he finally came to the top. He was at the very top row of the stadium, looking down on the arena, which was about twice the size of a tennis court.

Walking along the row, he found a seat he liked, closed his eyes, and listened to the sounds around him. For the past year, he had learned to use the same sonar skill a bat had, another advantage of being a Vampire. He was able to tell every single detail of the stadium from the sound. Mark heard the entire stadium, so he saw the entire stadium, even the ministry officials hidden in invisibility cloaks all over the area. Nobody was down in the arena yet, but an announcer was going to come out soon. He was finishing his tie.

So, Mark sat back, and listened to everything, content with the fact that he could tell if somebody was sneaking up on him.

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